Friday, August 17, 2012

Make NYC Your Gym Advertisement

We found the above advertisement on the Brooklyn-bound L train a bit misleading, because (we read somewhere that) almost 80% of New Yorkers don't own cars; therefore, it seems to us that it would have been better for the advertisement to encourage people to exit the subway one or two stops early and walk to their destination.

There's a Lunch Hour NYC exhibit at the New York Public Library (Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, Gottesman Exhibition Hall) that mentions that prior to the 19th century, lunch hours didn't exist in New York City and that most people had a snack for "lunch"; so, maybe the advertisement should discourage people from having lunch and encourage them to have a snack (e.g., dates, figs, or a bit of cheese and olives) instead.

But we have to commend that advertisement for encouraging people to take the stairs. At least take the stairs down people.

UPDATE: We found another advertisement that encourages straphangers to "Get off the subway a stop early"!


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