Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Do you HAVE to live in New York to be a Writer?

Like aspiring actors who, for obvious reasons, move to LA, a number of aspiring writers move or desire to move to NYC to be near other writers and (potential) agents and publishers, but, per Nebraska born novelist Willa Cather, storehouses of literary material can be found anywhere - even in Nebraska or a pigpen. Cather reportedly advised:

Of course Nebraska is a storehouse of literary material. Everywhere is a storehouse of literary material. If a true #artist were born in a pigpen and raised in a sty, he would still find plenty of inspiration for his work. The only need is the eye to see.

However, it must be noted that Cather moved to NYC at the age of 33 and lived here until she died at the age of 73. 

Monday, August 1, 2022

A Writer's Goal(s)

What's a good goal for a writer? Well, per Anne Marie Pace, a writer's goal should be to write a good book and not to win an award and/or be a New York Times Bestseller.

Anne Marie Pace advised:

"Set goals that you have control over—you can’t set a goal to win an award or to reach a certain level of sales. You can have a goal to write the best books you can."

And I would add that, like Seth Godin related, an additional writer's goal should be to be an altruistic writer: 

"[...] marketing and idea spreading, working every day to deliver your message with authority [via writing]."  

Thus, go forth and write good books that spread beneficial ideas.