Monday, October 10, 2022

Obstacles to Writing a Novel

Inspired by Alice Sudlow's piece "10 Obstacles to Writing a Book and How to Conquer Them" posted on The Write Practice, I'm sharing four (4) obstacles to writing a novel slash book:

1. Fear 

Fear of writing can be overcome by having a purpose, because your desire to share your message should be stronger than your fear of failure

2. Time 

To manage your writing time, you may want to start by writing 30 minutes per day - everyday, which will come to about 15 hours per month

3. Faultfinding

To avoid finding fault with your writing, don’t edit during your 1st draft; however, do a brain dump and edit during subsequent draft(s)

4. Writer’s Block

To unblock your writing, write about something you’ve read, seen, heard and/or experienced and use your imagination and writing skills to turn that into art

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