Sunday, August 16, 2020

Public Art: Sam Falls' UNTITLED (FOUR ARCHES) | High Line

Sam Falls' Untitled (Four Arches) | High Line
[Photo: @afemeinnyc)]

Due to you know what, the High Line is reservations only. Thus, I got an Eventbrite ticket for today at noon to see Sam Falls' Untitled (Four Arches), which is part of the High Lines' En Plein Air group exhibition that "examines and expands the tradition of outdoor painting."

Sam Falls' Untitled (Four Arches) | Embedded (High Line) Plants in Ceramic
[Photo: @matteetglossy]

Here's a description of the pieces from the High Line:

"For the High Line, Falls creates four ceramic archways supported by the steel rail tracks from the High Line’s original railway; each archway is dedicated to a different season in the park. For one year, Falls collected plants from the High Line, embedded them in ceramic, and fossilized them with colorful pigments." Nice.

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