Sunday, January 19, 2014

Would You Write Sleaze to Fund Your Mainstream Writing? [WARNING: GRAPHIC]

I did a post on The Allure of Nymphets blog about Robert Silverberg's [pseud. Don Elliott] Orgy Maid. On page five of the book it states:

In the hill country of Tennessee, where Lonnie Garth was born, they have a quaint little folk saying about virginity. “A virgin,” they say, “is a five-year-old girl who can outrun her daddy and her brothers.”

Lonnie was a fast runner. That’s how come her virginity lasted all the way to the age of twelve. And, at twelve, she was about the oldest virgin in town.

And on page 31 Lonnie was told, "You been getting loved since you were six, I bet. Your brothers and your old man got there first."

It may not be surprising from the above excerpts that Orgy Maid is in the vintage sleaze genre, but it may be surprising to learn that Robert Silverberg is a Brooklyn born Ivy League graduate (B.A. in English Literature from Columbia) and multiple winner of the Hugo and Nebula awards.

In defense of Silverberg, Orgy Maid, with its teen anal sex and lipstick lesbianism, is no more graphic than some of the other mainstream books that I've reviewed that are considered to be YA literature. For example, in the Lauren Myracle's TTYL, 15-year-old Margaret, "...ejaculates...she squirts when she comes." 

The question becomes, who determines which books are considered sleaze or literature? And would you write sleaze to fund your more mainstream writing endeavors.

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