Wednesday, July 24, 2013

High-Brow eShort_Stories

I recently did a post on the Allure of Nymphets blog about the short story "Down in the Reeds by the River" by Victoria Lincoln that appeared in the September 28, 1946 issue of the The New Yorker. The story is about Connie, a 14-year-old red-head, who is infatuated and shared a romantic moment with Mr. deRocca, a fit approximately 50-year-old carpenter from Italy.

Lincoln's piece reminded me that a story can be considered high-brow or low-brow depending on the magazine it's published in. For example, if her story were written by a male and published in Hefner's Playboy, it may have been considered to be bordering on child pornography

On a lighter note, I would like to share that android tablets are great for downloading "books" or short stories that you want to read in an emergency or as soon as possible. For example, within minutes, I was able to prepare for future blog posts by downloading (for free) Chekhov's "Anna on the Neck", Gorky's "Twenty-six Men and a Girl", and de Maupassant's "Virtue in the Ballet". Otherwise, I would have had to pay and wait at least two days with my Amazon Prime.

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