Sunday, February 23, 2014

#WhatsInYour[WRITER'S]Bag: Hugh Person's Knapsack

The Contents of Hugh Person's Knapsack

A popular hashtag on Tumblr and Instagram is #whatsinyourbag. For some reason it's fascinating to view the contents of other's bags. And writers may find it very interesting to read about the contents of Hugh Person's knapsack:
  • rough drafts of letters
  • an unfinished short story in a Russian copybook
  • parts of a philosophical essay in a blue cahier purchased in Geneva
  • loose sheets of a rudimentary novel temporarily titled Faust in Moscow
  • portable ink
Person is the protagonist in Nabokov's Transparent Things, which like Lolita contains the themes of hebephilia\ephebophilia

So, what's in your writer's bag?

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