Wednesday, April 18, 2012

James Franco and Laurel Nakadate @ Strand

I went to the James Franco talk, book signing and performance art exhibit at Strand last Friday for his new art book James Franco: Dangerous Book Four Boys. I saw the actual exhibit at Clocktower Gallery in Chinatown/TriBeCa and I have to say that it seemed somewhat like a homesexual horror movie.

I realized that night that I'm actually not a fan of Franco's work, although I'm anticipating his novel, which he spoke about on Friday night. He wrote the novel at Columbia and a professor at Columbia is currently helping him edit it. It's being published by Amazon. However, I am a huge fan of Franco's work ethic. And it looked like he was going on about three hours of sleep at the talk. For the first 30 minutes of the talk, he spoke with his eyes closed i.e. half-sleep. 

Laurel Nakadate was there too and it was a little awkward seeing her in person after seeing her in the nude in her MoMA P.S.1 exhibit last summer. I realized while I was there that I can use Laurel's exhibit in my new book as evidence of the attraction between older men and younger women. The working title is -

The Allure of Nymphets
From Charlie Chaplin to Silvio Berlusconi
Men’s Fascination with Young Women

Lastly, one had to buy the book ($50!) to get into the talk, but I took it back the next day for a full refund. 

Update 5/5/2014 - I recently read Franco's Directing Herbert White: Poems and I benefited from the book of prose. Based on that book Franco has become one of my favorite poets along with Frederick SeidelCharles Bukowski and Nabokov. And I'm anticipating benefiting from Franco's Palo Alto - the film and the book of short stories .

Neil Goldberg @ The Museum of the City of New York

I recently went to the Museum of the City of New York to see the Stories the City Tells Itself: The Video Art and Photography of Neil Goldberg exhibit and I have to say that Goldberg's show was a testament to how everyday inanimate objects can be used to create engaging art e.g. Truck Drivers' Elbows and the Subway Trapezoid.And his videos gave me a great idea for a video art project, which I plan to develop this summer.I highly recommend the exhibit. It ends May 28.