Saturday, March 1, 2014

Was Nabokov a Hebephile\Ephebophile?

Readers of this blog are most likely familiar with Nabokov's Lolita, but they may not be familiar with his four other books that share a similar theme of hebephilia\ephebophilia with Lolita:

Laughter in the Dark 
The Original of Laura
Transparent Things
The Enchanter 

Even some of Nabokov's published poetry contains an hebephilia\ephebophilia theme. In “Lilith”, which can be found in his Selected Poems (2012), he wrote:

Shielding her face and to the sparkling sun
showing a russet armpit, in a doorway
there stood a naked little girl.
She had a water lily in her curls
and was as graceful as a woman. Tenderly
her nipples bloomed, and I recalled
the springtime of my life on earth,
when through the alders on the river brink
so very closely I could watch the miller's youngest daughter as she stepped
out of the water, and she was all golden,
with a wet fleece between her legs 

Thus, was Nabokov a hebephile? Clearly, he was. But did he ever have an age-discrepant relationship? I'm still trying to figure that out. 


  1. Here's something you might find interesting. Several thousand men on the internet were shown pictures of girls and women of all ages and, without being informed of their age, were asked if they found them sexually desirable or not. Here's the results:

    As you can see they very closely agree with my prediction about male preferences in this diagram:


    1. Wow, that's an amazing graph. Do you have a link to the study? Thanks.

    2. Hi, Mo. Thanks for allowing my comment.

      I came across the graph in a thread about mens' preferences for adolescent girls on 4chan. I'm not sure of the original source but I think it was this documentary . I haven't watched it myself because the title makes me cringe.

      I've seen other studies that have shown that the female faces men find the most attractive are those that look about 14. In one study in a university some men were given a computer program that allowed them to adjust the features of a female face until they thought it was the most attractive. The face they came up with had the proportions seen in the faces of girls about 14. Take a look at this video of a woman's computer make over . Look at what they do to her face. They enlarge the eyes, shrink the nose and soften the jawline giving it an "adolescent" look. The face of a real 14 year old girl obviously wouldn't need to be altered like this - it would already have the ideal dimensions. The fact that men find the faces of 14 year olds the most attractive is also known in the porn industries. The actresses are often given an adolescent look with make-up that enlarges the eyes etc because that's what sells the most. Girls in anime are often based on girls about 14 for the same reason.

    3. I don't know how much you understand about the biology of the male preference for young girls but here's what I know about the subject. The basic idea in evolutionary psychology is that the main reproductive strategy in prehistoric times involved long term relationships between males and females. Basically "marriage". Modern day hunter-gatherer (HG) societies mainly use this system and presumably so did our prehistoric ancestors. Humans don't seem to be a very promiscuous species like chimps, who are our closest relative in the animal kingdom. Chimps mainly use a kind of "pump and dump" reproductive strategy in which the males try to fuck as many females as possible and leave them to raise the babies on their own. Our species is very different in that the males form long term relationships with the females and help raise their offspring.

      So, just imagine, you're in a prehistoric tribe and you need to secure a wife that will give you as many offspring as possible. What would be the best age to go for? If you think it through logically the answer is actually very simple. It would be girls just prior the beginning of their reproductive lifespan becuase they would have all of their fertile years ahead of them (with which they can give you offspring) and the time you'd have to wait until they'd start reproducing would be at a minimum.

      Women that have already had some babies wouldn't be a good choice because they have obviously started using up their reproductive years. Ideally you should go for a nice young virgin since she still all of her reproductive lifespan ahead of her. BUT she shouldn't be too young like 5 or something. Although a 5 year old would have all of her fertile years ahead of her you'd have to wait years and years before she'd start giving you offspring. You or her might die or something in the meantime. It would be better to go for a girl nearer the beginning of their reproductive lifespan so that the time you'd have to wait before she'd start reproducing would be shorter. The best girls to marry (the most "nubile", in other words) must then be those just prior the beginning of their reproductive lifespan.

      The question then is: what was that age? At what age did prehistoric girls tyipcally get pregnant for the first time?

      Using modern day HG societies as a guide, the best estimate is the mid to late teens or about 17. There would have been some outliers that got pregnant at 12 or not until 25 but most girls would've had their first pregnancy between about 15 and 19.

      If the mid to late teens was the typical age that prehistoric girls started their reproductive lifespan it follows that the most nubile girls would've been those just before that in the early to mid teens or about 14. Simple really if you think about it.


      Here's a picture that shows the kind of choice of females that prehistoric men had:

      Who would most men prefer? The 14 year old with perky boobs, soft unused nipples and a flat taut stomach with no stretch marks? Or the older momma with boobs that have gone saggy and nipples that have gone hard from breast feeding and a stomach that has shows the signs of prior pregnancies?

    4. Thanks again! I'm going to use your references for a blog post and in volume II of The Allure of Nymphets. If you haven't already, you may be interested in reading The Red Queen by Ridley. This is what I wrote in volume I:

      As for men, Ridley related in The Red Queen that men are attracted to a trinity of qualities: YOUTH, figure, and face. In terms of figure, the most salient aspect of a female’s weight is the ratio of waist to hip width (i.e., men find females attractive if their waists are (much) thinner than their hips.) In terms of the face, Ridley shared, “The more average and unblemished the face, the more beautiful,” with average being defined as a nose, eyes, chin, lips, and check bones that are neither too big or too small.

  2. Specifically (although most popular science writers don't have the courage to say so), it's the pristine adolescent form that men find the most attractive. Perky boobs, a slim waist, a flat taut stomach with no stretch marks, soft smooth skin, a neat vagina that hasn't been damaged by childbirth, a light adolescent pubic bush instead of a full adult bush and a slightly juvenile facial structure. All of these are the physical features of a girl who hasn't started reproducing yet but is close to doing so - the ideal bride material.